Unfortunately, the Minicomix Co-op is not currently active.  During this quiet period, please trade old-school.
How does it work?
You, the comic creator, send in 10 copies of your minicomic. When your comics are received, a package is mailed back to you containing a copy of every other minicomic in stock. The stock changes as we run out of earlier comics and receive new ones.

Why 10?
We tried leaving it wide open, but the likelihood of receiving a fair number of trades is reduced. If each trader sends 10, then each trader is likely to receive about 10 in return. Some people send more simply so that it is distributed to more people. Some people send fewer because, I don't know, it costs money to print them.

Does it cost anything?

Are there any rules or guidelines?
The comics must be your own work (or partially yours).

Wow, this site is no better than the last one. Any plans to improve it?
Nope. I'm still good.

Email me if you have other questions.